Strategic alignment is key to elevating organizational performance. It is essential if a company is to achieve its mission and goals.

HR’s Role in Strategic alignment:

  • Provides clarity of direction, communication of the firm’s mission, vision, values, unique market position, strategic direction, and overall goals
  • Brings into harmony three distinct entities: strategy, culture, and processes
  • Varies over time because it is a dynamic process, thus requiring periodic assessments measuring gaps between targets and results and accounting for shortfalls

Our Approach

Having a Human Resources strategic plan that drives organizational change and growth is critical to achieving success in competitive markets. Twinbrook Associates helps clients develop HR strategic plans and supporting practices that provide a framework for decision making, linking actions to strategies, and providing a roadmap for achieving measurable results.

Twinbrook Associates focuses on your organization’s distinctive capabilities, competencies, and resources in the areas that your markets and customers value. In uncertain times, alignment of goals and resources contributes a long-term strategy for building successful organizations.

How do you ensure that your HR strategy and supporting processes and practices align with the overall strategy of your firm? The key elements in this puzzle are the dedication and commitment of top management to building upon the organization’s strengths, as well as developing a firm commitment to meet the needs of clients and customers.

HR / Strategic alignment is an ongoing process due to the ever-changing nature of the business world and the continually evolving nature of organizations.

How Twinbrook Associates Can Help

HR / Strategic alignment begins with a clear definition of organization culture and continues with an assessment of day to day actions within the organization against that culture. Our experience in this area can help you understand the drivers and barriers to creating the desired winning culture for your organization. We can then fine tune your HR policies and practices to ensure ongoing alignment and results.

We are committed to working with our clients to ensure the specific HR practices and strategies developed align cultural and operational goals and provide a competitive advantage in the market.

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